Investigation and development

Our Commitment: Develop Laboratory Techniques That Allow the Creation of Future Analysis Patterns.


The National University of the Litoral, the Ministry of Production of the Province of Santa Fe and ALOE CALCHAQUI SRL; through the medicinal aromatic plants program of the ministry of production; The central laboratory of analytical services of the UNL and the technical management of the company ALOE CALCHAQUI SRL, have initiated a research and development plan called "adjustment of technologies to obtain aloe-based products of quality and quantity adjusted to the requirements of more demanding markets"; The responsibility for project management falls on the Technical Director of our company, Farm. Oscar Pereson.

THE OBJECTIVE is to see the behavior and performance of the different varieties of aloe according to the climate and growing area. Identify the variety and quantity of components that make up the aloe gel and determine if when the climatic conditions vary, the chemical composition of the gel undergoes important changes. Develop laboratory techniques that allow creating future analysis patterns for the company and third parties that request it.