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How to generate income independently?

You should only purchase an Initial Kit of your choice (see the price list) that will serve you for sale to your potential customers. Or you can buy the products that you want, always with a minimum purchase of $ 6500.

With your purchase, you will receive a complete catalog of the product lines and their applications without charge. This will help you explain the benefits that Jual products offer.

Aloe Jual is distinguished mainly by its high purity and by having ORGANIC CERTIFICATION, from its crops to the final product.

In addition, there will be explanatory leaflets, for Aloe Vera Drinks and Aloe Vera Cosmetics, which you can give as a reminder of your explanation to people who have shown interest. You are given a Retail Price List that includes Public prices.

The Reseller obtains a Gain of up to 70% on the total of his investment.

Monthly orders: If the frequency of your orders is maintained monthly (after 3 months), that is, you make a monthly purchase for 3 consecutive months, it will be subsidized by 10% of the total amount to buy . And after a stay of 1 year, you will be rewarded an extra 10% on the total to buy.


Once the order has been placed this will be valued and sent to your mailbox, an email with the payment button that directs you to our account in Money Mail, there will be displayed all payment options (Credit card, transfer, deposit, Easy Payment, etc.). Once the payment has been credited, the order will be sent within 72 business hours.

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