Benefits of sweetening with stevia

Stevia: The sweet herb for diabetics and heart patients

Stevia JUAL is revolutionizing the market, since its natural properties make it essential for anyone who is diabetic or has overweight problems.

Stevia, also called “The Sweet Herb”, has the characteristic of sweetening with a ratio 300 times higher than sugar, and unlike artificial sweeteners, it is a totally natural product.

SugarStevia Powder JUALLiquid Stevia JUAL
1 cup of sugar (200g.)1 teaspoon of JUAL stevia coffee1 teaspoon of JUAL stevia coffee
1/2 cup of sugar (100g.)1/2 teaspoon of JUAL stevia coffee1/2 teaspoon of JUAL stevia coffee
1 tablespoon of sugar1/4 teaspoon of JUAL stevia coffee5 drops of stevia JUAL
1/2 tablespoon of sugara pinch of stevia JUAL2 drops of stevia JUAL

It acts on sugar levels, as a natural hypoglycemic agent that regulates glucose. It is especially effective in type 2 Diabetes (Non-insulin dependent)

It is also a natural alternative for those who are overweight. This calorie-free sweetener has become the most recommended sweetener for those who need to lose weight naturally.

It has strong antioxidant properties, very similar to the consumption of green tea. Antioxidant properties are involved in the conservation of all types of cells, especially skin and nerve cells.

As it has vasodilating properties, its consumption is beneficial for people with heart and circulatory problems.

Given its bactericidal properties, it is used to control cavities by adding it to pastes and mouthwashes.

In addition, it acts on bad cholesterol, reducing its presence in the body and preventing its fixation in blood tissues.

Like every product that Nature provides, it has no side effects. Stevia JUAL has no calories, no cyclamate, no asparmate. It is 100% natural and the only one without residual flavor.