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NATURAL Stevia Sweetener: This product is used to sweeten drinks, brews and baked products without adding calories, sugar or chemicals. It's 100% natural. No cyclamate. No aspartame.

Size: 600 cc.

  • This sweetener is revolutionizing the market, given that its properties make it essential for anyone who is diabetic or overweight.
  • Stevia also called "Sweet Herb" has the characteristic of sweetening with a ratio 300 times higher than sugar, and that unlike artificial Sweeteners, it is a totally natural product.
  • It acts on the sugar level, acting as a natural hypoglycemic that regulates glucose. It is especially effective in type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent)
  • Acts on overweight, sweetening without adding calories to become the most recommended sweetener for those who need to lose weight naturally.
  • It has strong antioxidant properties, very similar to the consumption of green tea. The antioxidant properties are involved in the preservation of all types of cells, especially those of the skin and nerves.
  • It has vasodilator properties, which is beneficial for people with heart and circulatory problems.
  • It has bactericidal properties, and is used in the control of caries adding to the pastes and mouth rinses.
  • It acts on the bad cholesterol, lowering its presence in the body and preventing its fixation in the blood tissues.
  • Like all products that Nature provides, it has no side effects.

Forms of consumption:
Stevia Natural Sweetener Jual is a liquid preparation, and is used with the same proportion as other traditional sweeteners. The difference is that Stevia has no calories, no cyclamate, no arparmate. It is 100% natural

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