Treatment for dry hands and feet

 Treatment for dry hands and feet

To take care of hands and feet from the cold!

Hands to be more exposed suffer dryness with low temperatures. We propose a simple treatment to take care of them:

1. CLEANING: Clean your hands and / or feet with soap or body scrub. Then dry well with towel and air from the hair dryer.


2. SOFT EXFOLIATION: Apply twice a week JUAL EXFOLIATING CREAM rubbing with circular movements both the fingers and palms or the rest of the feet until full penetration. Do not wipe Perform the sanding of hardness and fog with ALOE VERA JUAL LOTION to prolong the polishing massage. Then remove the exfoliating particles with a sponge or cotton just moist with the LOTION OF ALOE VERA JUAL.


3. NAIL ARRANGEMENT: File and match the nails and remove their cuticle or detached cuticles.


4. HYDRATION: Apply a generous layer of ALOE VERA JUAL MOISTURIZING CREAM and massage from the tips of your fingers (one at a time) towards the birth of the same. Finally massage the upper and lower sides of the hands to the wrists and feet to the ankles. The antioxidants present in aloe vera prevent early aging and staining.


5. MASK: Apply a thin layer of ALOE VERA JUAL GEL on both hands and / or feet and wrap with film for 10 minutes. Then massage well until the total penetration of the gel.


6. ENAMEL: To finish apply nail polish or calcium to the nails.

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