Do you know why Valentine's Day is celebrated?
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Do you know why Valentine's Day is celebrated?

In the 3rd century, the Roman emperor Claudius II, decided to prohibit the celebration of marriages, considering that singles were better soldiers, because they had less sentimental ties.

Valentin, a priest opposed to the decree, began secretly celebrating marriages for young lovers.

Upon finding out, Claudio II sentenced him to death on February 14, 270, alleging disobedience and rebellion. For this reason, Valentine's Day is commemorated every year. However, not all countries celebrate it on the same day. Even in some places it changes the meaning or also celebrates friendship.

A sweet custom is to give away chocolates made especially for the occasion. That is why we share this recipe for homemade and healthy chocolates:

✔ Ingredients (for 15 chocolates)

90 gr coconut oil

20 gr organic cocoa powder

1 tsp stevia JUAL

1/2 tsp ginger

✔ Preparation

1. We first mix the dry ingredients, cocoa, ginger and stevia.

2. We added the coconut oil.

3. We mix everything well, until there are no lumps.

4. Let's pour the mixture into the chocolate mold.

5. We put in the freezer until they harden.

Long live love!


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