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Aloe Vera Lotion

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Aloe Vera Lotion (75% Pure Aloe Vera)

Complemento ideal para la limpieza profunda del rostro o el cuerpo. Ayuda a prevenir el acné. Contiene enzimas proteolíticas eliminan las celulas muertas.
Obtenido por procesamiento en frío, lo que garantiza que no se eliminen las propiedades del aloe vera. Formulada para uso cotidiano. Previene el envejecimiento y efectiva para piel seca y sensible.

Presentación: 120 ml.


    • Aloe Vera penetrates deeply into skin layers, acting as a regenerator of epithelial cells. This is because aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes, which hydrolyze proteins and break them, thus eliminating dead cells, polishing, cleansing and, finally, nourishing the skin.
    • Thanks to its several nourishing elements, it ensures and accelerates the growth of new cells. It helps prevent ageing and is effective against wrinkles and ACNE. It is the ideal complement to facial cleansing since it eliminates any trace of make-up remover and cleanses the pores deeply.
    • It is beneficial to Hair Loss Treatments because it improves hair blood supply and nutrition. It reduces and prevents hair loss. In addition, Aloe Vera's emollients protect the hair and scalp, restoring their health and naturalness.
    • Aloe Vera is naturally composed of VITAMINS, such as A, B, C, and E, and amino acids, which are essential in the production of proteins. Vitamin B2 (or riboflavin) combined with vitamin B6 are reponsibles for the production of blood cells and are fundamental to skin growth, reproduction, and well-being. The aloe vera lotion tonifies the skin and restores its natural color and elasticity, making the treated area firmer and more elastic.

Directions for Use:
  • Apply the lotion to the face, body, or hands with gentle movements. If applied to the scalp, massage it with the fingertips for some minutes (before or after wash).

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