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Moisturizing Aloe Vera Gel

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Thanks to the nutrients present in Aloe Vera, this cream-gel is particularly effective in moisturizing and caring for the skin, as it improves elasticity and tone. If applied regularly, it helps prevent stretch marks and achieves a soft and delicate skin. An ideal skincare product for after sunbathing, post-shave irritation and post-waxing. Unlike Aloe Vera gel, its consistency is more emulsified, designed for people who choose this type of textures. In particular, men prefer it because it is quickly absorbed and does not produce perspiration effects.

Presentation: 150 grs.


  • A daily application of aloe vera moisturizing cream is just what the skin needs to combat the three signs of ageing — dehydration, flaccidity, and blotches.
  • Usually, skin renews itself every 21-28 days. The moisturizing cream acts as a natural moisturizer that reaches the dermis —the layer where skin cells are reproduced. In this way, it stimulates the formation of new cells and helps eliminate old cells.
  • Aloe Vera hydrates and moisturizes the skin thanks to its high natural water content (99%). It acts as an epithelial regenerator and it deeply nourishes the elastic fibers, therefore delaying the appearance of flaccidity.
  • Used regularly, aloe vera cream is effective in the fight against the appearance of skin blotches.
  • The skin's natural emulsified layer performs a protective function. Since that layer failes to be formed effectively in dehydrated, rough, scaly, and dull skins, the aloe vera moisturizing cream favours its formation. Used regularly, it is possible to achieve a brighter and more flexible complexion.
  • Not leaving a greasy film on skin, it can be used several times during the day. With its very light consistency and excellent absorption, it protects the skin from constant environmental stressors, hydrates it intensely, and retains its natural humidity.

Directions for Use:

  • Apply small quantities to the face, hands, or body, massaging gently.


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