For aloe vera drinkable juices it is important to know that the only scientifically proven variety for intake and effective properties is Aloe Barbadensis Miller, known as vera. Unique aloe plant with yellow flower.

Effective results are obtained in its internal use (ingestion-Juices) from 80% of Aloe Vera in its formulation. And with an adequate previous processing of the sheet and correct stabilized.

The leaf must be processed within 48 hours of harvest, otherwise a process of oxidation and decomposition of the gel begins. And through a process of obtaining the cold gel, pasteurization eliminates its properties. At the same time the gel preservation must be immediate, since it decomposes very fast. The presence of active in the aloe favors the proliferation of bacteria and yeasts quickly if it is not stabilized and preserved. It is important to know this information to buy organic products previously stabilized as Juices of Aloe Vera Jual. And do not take risks with homemade preparations.


When is Aloe Vera effective?


In the shops there are many shampoos, lotions, gels and creams that claim to have Aloe Vera and probably do not have more than 5% of the gel, in which case their properties are NULL. You have to check the percentage of gel contained in the products to make sure you find their properties effectively.

To achieve effectiveness in external use (cosmetic / aesthetic) you must choose cosmetic products with doses higher than 30% of aloe vera gel in its formulation.

 The Natural Cosmetic line JUAL contains up to 75% of Aloe vera in its formulas, thus obtaining the fullness of its properties. Our formulas, due to the presence of saponins, act as a natural purifier penetrating the three layers of the skin: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. They expel bacteria and fat deposits that clog pores. The action of natural nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, stimulate the reproduction of new cells, act as healing and toning of high penetration in the skin.

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