SugarStevia Powder JUALLiquid Stevia JUAL
1 cup of sugar (200g.)1 teaspoon of JUAL stevia coffee1 teaspoon of JUAL stevia coffee
1/2 cup of sugar (100g.)1/2 teaspoon of JUAL stevia coffee1/2 teaspoon of JUAL stevia coffee
1 tablespoon of sugar1/4 teaspoon of JUAL stevia coffee5 drops of stevia JUAL
1/2 tablespoon of sugara pinch of stevia JUAL2 drops of stevia JUAL

Stevia is a natural substitute for sugar. Sweetens + 300 times more.
Does not increase blood glucose level. It has no calories. Does not produce cavities. It has a hypoglycemic and diuretic effect. It is an antioxidant and promotes digestion.

Stevia is one of the foods that concentrates the most vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Its glycosides do not affect blood glucose levels, which makes it a suitable sweetener for diabetics and for weight loss.

It has beneficial effects on the absorption of fats, it is antacid and facilitates digestion.
Its consumption counteracts fatigue and states of anxiety, improving resistance to colds and flu.

I ordered Stevia JUAL at health food stores and natural stores in your neighborhood.
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Rich and healthy cooking with stevia JUAL. No calories and no aftertaste.

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