Sugar Free Quince Cupcakes

Sugar Free Quince Cupcakes


1 tbsp. of liquid Stevia JUAL

sweet potato 300 grams

Quince candy 300 grams

Flour 000 1 Kilo

Butter 50 Grams

Water 450 c.c.

colored granules c/n

1 teaspoon salt


Make a crown with the flour, salt and in the center place JUAL stevia, butter and water little by little. Knead until you achieve a smooth dough, let it rest covered for an hour.


Stretch the dough (3 mm) and cut 8 x 8 squares.

In the center place the quince or sweet potato, cover with another square of dough and close the cakes joining the edges.

Bake the cakes until golden brown.

Finish decorating with chopped almonds or grains.

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