Butter base cake

Butter base cake

We share a very noble basic butter cake recipe that you can vary in many ways and for all tastes.


100 grams soft butter
1 teaspoon of Stevia powder or liquid JUAL
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
240 grams flour
3 tsp flush with raising powder (royal)
1 pinch salt
2/3 cup milk

1. Beat, ideally with a mixer, for 10 minutes the soft butter with the JUAL stevia and a pinch of salt

2 Incorporate the milk, vanilla and egg yolks into the mixture, beating again.

3 Separately, I beat the whites until they are about to snow, and reserve them.

4 To the mixture of butter, sugar, milk and yolks, I added the sifted flour in batches while you continue beating.

5 Put the mixture in the oven at 180º in a greased and floured mold.

6. After 50 minutes, stick a knife in the center, if it comes out clean, turn off the oven and then decorate as desired

Meet here some variants such as walnut, chocolate or lemon cake

Prepare the base cake recipe mix and add chopped nuts.
Then place the mixture in a greased and floured mold.
Bake in a preheated oven at 180º for 50 minutes.

Add to the base cake mix after the eggs, 4 chocolate bars dissolved in milk in a bain-marie. For cooking, we proceed in the same way as for the base cake.


Prepare the base cake by replacing the vanilla essence with lemon juice and zest.

Cook the same way as in the basic recipe. Decorate with lemon icing:

3 tablespoons skim milk powder
3 tablespoons cornstarch
5 teaspoons of stevia powder JUAL
Required amount Lemon Juice

I vigorously beat the ingredients without adding the lemon juice, taking care that the mixture is not too liquid.

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