cake suitable for diabetics

cake suitable for diabetics


3 eggs

1 natural or lemon yogurt (plain and non-fat) 250gr.

3 glasses of wholegrain flour

25 grams of powdered stevia

1 packet of yeast

Butter for greasing the cake pan

A glass of light olive oil or sunflower oil

Zest of one lemon

A pinch of salt



  1.     Separate yolks from whites, since we will start by using only the yolks. So, place the whites in a glass and set them aside for later use.
  2.     Put the yolks in a bowl and add the yogurt. Use the empty yogurt pot for measuring the rest of the ingredients.
  3.     Add a glass of oil (using the yogurt pot), the sweetener and the zest of one lemon. Beat this mix well.
  4.     Add 3 glasses of flour and the yeast. Whip well until smooth.
  5.     Whip the whites you had set aside until stiff and add them to the prepared batter, and whip it all together once again.
  6.     Pour the batter in the cake pan. If necessary, grease the pan so that the cake does not stick to it.
  7.     Bake for 30-40 minutes at 180 °C, depending on the oven you are using. To check if the cake is ready, prick it with a knife and, if it comes out clean... it is READY! Let the cake rest in the oven (already off) for ten more minutes for the cake not to collapse.


#TIP: Preheat the oven while you are preparing the cake batter (20 minutes at 160º), so that you can put it directly in the oven when it is ready, with no waste of time. =)

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