How to differentiate a pure aloe vera product from another that is not?
Posted by      08/06/2018 01:14:40
How to differentiate a pure aloe vera product from another that is not?

In the market there are numerous products that use their aloe content as a claim, however, many base their composition on the powder of this plant and water, so its quality and its benefits are really questionable.

For this reason, it is very important to know how to differentiate between juice, extract, gel or powder. The gel is the pulp of the crushed leaf, rich in polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals, but which may contain aloin, a laxative action substance present in the plant, which in the process of transformation to obtain the juice is eliminated. On the other hand, juice is the most common way to find aloe vera, it does not contain aloin, but it retains the rest of beneficial components.

For its part, aloe vera concentrate is dehydrated gel, while the extract is a preparation that is obtained from the powder mixed with water, and that usually contains less than 10% of this plant. Most manufacturers use powder.

Therefore, JUAL produces and produces its products based on pure aloe vera, which is a great advantage over other brands. And, the difference between a natural product not processed and one that is, is mainly in the loss of its original properties. Aloe is composed of very weak molecules, which causes it to deteriorate easily. Therefore, the sooner it stabilizes in cold and the product is packaged, the better its active principles are conserved.


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